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At The Classical School we believe that every teacher is a student. Continuous learning happens throughout our lives and is aided by asking intelligent questions and searching for answers. Our love and commitment for students goes well beyond the classroom, and new relationships are formed between teacher and student which promote authenticity and honesty.


The Classical School Leadership
Steve Gilchrist

Steve’s generous background in education has helped him see first-hand the pitfalls of teaching. In Steve’s view, every student is a teacher and we all have something to learn. Steve’s approach to teaching is both honest, loving, intense and classically centered. He pushes students beyond what they know and are sometimes willing to do. Bringing out the “question asker” in all of us, Steve strives to help kids truly think for themselves.

Steve & Teree Gilchrist started The Classical School together in 2003. Having spent all of their careers in private education as teachers, therapists and administrators, they saw the value that small group classes could have for students who were being primarily educated at home. The rich interaction between children eager to learn and express themselves is often stifled in a typical classroom setting. Steve and Terree wanted to offer that stimulating option to home educating families who were serious about providing their children with more than just a mediocre education.

The Classical School, begun by Steve as an extension of a private Christian school in Roswell, Georgia, provided the foundation for that endeavor. Given the opportunity to take The Classical School independent, Steve and Terree started Classical Educational Services, Inc.  CES, Inc. enables them to put their training and experience to work to enhance the efforts families were making in teaching their children at home.

Sharon Durham

Sharon came to be the Form 3 and Form 4 teacher through the back door.  She was a Classical mom first.  Like many adults, she always felt there was something more to education than the schooling that she received. She especially wanted something more for her two children and thus stepped into the unknown to homeschool them.  Through this endeavor, Sharon became aware of Classical School and was intrigued and excited by its approach.  Both of her children attended Classical and have grown into successful, introspective, and thoughtful adults.

When her homeschool-mom years were winding down, Sharon realized that she still had the itch for learning and teaching, but only in a meaningful way.  So, she went back to school and earned her second degree, this one in Early Childhood Education.  Her degree program was valuable in that not only did it provide useful information, but it also gave her many counter points and comparative insights which have helped her to understand why the unique Classical approach works.

After graduation, Sharon spent a year gaining experience at a private school before being recruited to Classical in 2012. Sharon immensely enjoys the experience of observing young minds and personalities growing and developing when given appropriate curriculum exposure and encouragement.

Terree Gilchrist

Terree’s Bio coming soon




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