the classical way

Classical Educational Services, Inc., established in 2003, exists to support families and organizations intent on giving children an outstanding education, free from the noise and clutter which characterizes much of modern schooling. Principles of rigor, hard work and the pursuit of exceptional accomplishments, combined with focused and personal attention to each student, help create the environment in which the student is inspired to excel and experience the extraordinary joy of learning and pursuing wisdom. The Classical School, Classical Educational Tours and Classical Consulting Services offer varied opportunities for students, families and traditional schools to be served. Contact us if you think we may be able to serve you. Remember, one size does not fit all!

The Classical School

The Classical School offers classes for students in grades three through twelve. Subjects are taught through the methodology known as the Trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric), the educational foundation of our Western culture.

The quality of program is our top priority. We do not seek fame or fortune. We strive to excel and equip people to do what they are called to do with passion, confidence, integrity and skill. The discipline they acquire as children prepares them for positions of leadership as adults. Too frequently people are satisfied with mediocrity which is a natural result of committee compromises. Our pledge is to work with responsible, dedicated parents to provide an exceptional education for their children and grandchildren.




Let us work with you to inspire your student