a classical foundation

As we collect and make order of things, the time comes when we must begin to speak of what we truly know. Students who follow a Classical approach are encouraged to independently seek out truth, ask questions and get a sense of how the world is connected. The Rhetoric Stage is equivalent to a high school or pre-college level. This includes Small group tutorials focusing on in-depth studies in history, literature, theology, economics and government.



Discussion & Debate


World History and War:

  • Survey Course of world history
  • In-depth study of Chinese history
  • Literature focusing on the art of war
  • Composition involves extensive writing assignments
  • Theological studies and John Bunyan’s The Holy War

British Literature and the Power of the Word:

  • University level chronological survey course of British literature
  • In-depth study of British history
  • Composition and the art of writing with style
  • Theological studies of selected sermons of the “Prince of Preachers” Charles H. Spurgeon

United States History and the essential role of Literature:

  • Survey course of the history of the United States
  • University level study of selected genres of American literature
  • Advanced Composition 1: The Importance of revision and editing
  • Theological studies and the role of Protestant doctrine and religion in course of American history

U.S. Government and Economics: Politics and Wealth:

  • Study of the three branches of the government of the Republic of the United State
  • Comparative study of capitalism and socialism
  • Advanced Composition 2: Writing with Style and Purpose
  • Theological studies and opposing views of wealth in the christian population in the United States




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